Can I get the same exact product once it’s sold out?

You can ask us to make a piece similar to the one you want. However, we can’t guarantee that the colour and design will be exactly the same. Since all of our pieces are completely made by hand, the outcome of each piece will vary, especially when it comes to the natural dye silk and chiffon scarves.

How do I take care of these scarves?

Since all of them come from pure material, it is important to handle them gently. Hand wash using mild shampoo or soap. Please do NOT dry clean since petroleum (used during dry cleaning) causes pure fibre to fray.

How are the natural dye silk and chiffon scarves priced?

Since the artisans behind these pieces put in a lot of work, we try to justify the work done with a certain criterion to reach the final price for the scarf. The criterion follows:

A. Per Silk Piece – SGD$30

B. Per Colour – SGD$30

C. Per Method

  • Block Printing – SGD$30
  • Tie & Dye – SGD$30
  • Batik – SGD$30
  • Marbling – SGD$30
  • Clamping – SGD$35
  • Natural Dyeing (use of leaves or flowers for the print) – SGD$50
  • Shibori – SGD$60
  • Dip Dye – SGD$80

D. Per Extra

  • Heavier Silk – SGD$40
  • Silk based Chiffon – SGD$40
  • Ending (i.e. tassels, buttons) – SGD$20
  • Piping – SGD$20
  • Hand hemming – SGD$20
  • Distinct Seperation – SGD$30

How do I recognise pure silk?

There is a burn test that differentiates between pure silk and polyester.

How do I recognise pure pashmina?

There is a ring test that helps to differentiate between pure and mixed pashmina.

How do I recognise pure cotton?

Again with the use of a burn test. Or also note when pure fibres are washed they wrinkle whereas mixed fibres do not wrinkle.

For more information or FAQs email us at hi.latierra@gmail.com