Brown Waves


About the product

La Tierra presents pure silk scarves that celebrate the beauty of the Earth. Coloured with natural dyes ranging from plants to insect waste. Made with methods all done by hand, this is a unique piece of artwork. You can be sure that no one will ever have the same scarf as you.

Colors ranging from: 

Blue – Indigo leaves

Yellow – Turmeric (spice) / Pomegranate Skin/ Myrobalan

Green – Eupatorium/ Pomegranate Skin

Grey – Eucalyptus/ Tea Waste

Brown – Catechu

Red – Lac/ Manjista

Black – Walnut Husk

Methods: Block Printing, Batik, Tie & Dye, Shibori, Dipdye, Clamping, Natural Dying, Marbling.


Natural Dyes Used

  1. Brown – Catechu


  1. Tie & Dye

Measurement: 80 inches x 22 inches

Care Instructions:

Hand wash it with mild shampoo or soap. Please DO NOT dry clean. Because it is pure silk, the petroleum can cause the fibre to become brittle.

Material: 100% Pure Silk 


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