Persian – Peranakan Paisley


About the product

With the shimmer of Silk on one side and the feel of Cotton on the other, the Persian-Peranakan Weaved Cloths are in high demand. As La Tierra’s best selling collection, these weaves present authentic designs done by a 16 step Block Printing process with natural dye. Easy on the eyes, clients use these pieces for a wide range of purposes, from tote bags to scarves to table linen to wall artwork. 


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Natural Dyes Used:

  1. Yellow – Turmeric
  2. Red – Indian Madder
  3. Green – Eupatorium

Method: 16 step block printing


Care Instructions:

Hand wash it with mild shampoo or soap.

Please DO NOT dry clean. Because it is pure silk, the petroleum can cause the fibre to become brittle.

Material: silk and cotton mix


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