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Natural dyes and Sustainability?

  • Screenshot_2020-04-27-22-48-02-73What is the synonym for ‘sustainable’.? Above is given a quick set of meanings.
  • Before synthetic dyes, did we realise that it was only natural dyes that were being used globally?
  • What about the old century paintings? How were colours or pigments used. Delving deep, realisations occurred that everything used from pigment on paintings to even lipsticks and clothing, it was all natural dyes.
  • How fascinating to know that and how little stress nature must have taken on itself when pigments were produced from nature and used in a biodegradable form, less carbon footprint and less toxic, not just to environment but to us humans as well.
  • Natural dyes were easily accessible and available then. We then paid more to buy synthetic and toxic dyes, killing the use of naturally available resources and finally creating a scarcity for the same to be easily available. A plethora of synthetic stuff created a market condition that people forgot the use of natural dyes and fibres. We are all at some point realising how harmful these synthetic fibres and dyes can be. Now when we turn back to nature, we also see that these natural dyes and fibres are not so readily available, and not as organic how it used to be. Another topic to discuss would be how misused the term ‘organic’ is.
  • There is such a hype about marketing organic products these days.
  • Never too late, let’s get together to form a tribe to use clothing made naturally using natural dyes.
  • Hoping that this would some day be possible and a stepping stone to ‘Sustainable living’.
  • Stay well 💕
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Why Natural dyes

Have we ever thought about what synthetic dyes does to nature : ground water pollution and again how the heavy metals used in the production of textiles can affect all living beings.

A lot of thought process had to go in before we consciously chose why our products have to be aligned with nature. It’s probably more easy to go the world’s way, being less responsible with profitability index in mind.

However, a conscious choice is inevitable for all of us at some point. The earlier the better.

Let’s all strive to know nature more so that we treat her as our own skin.

Will keep posting and try to be more regular. Had waited and procrastinated quite a bit but am glad that finally did start my first post.

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