Celebrating Beauty of the Earth

 Natural Dye Accessories & Revival Movement for intricate crafts

La Tierra proudly presents the beauty of Mother Earth. With the use of organic waste products and talented artisans, La Tierra features exquisite natural dye scarves, clothing  to hand block printed home accents that is unique and perfect for every occasion

La Tierra’s exclusive limited edition collection created represents our creative concept as a brand. Our products are all handcrafted using handbock print which is sustainable and reduces carbon footprint. 

Singapore Visit

Encapsulated with vividness ad fun, the We Bare Bear collection is their arrival to this little red dot, exploring Singapore, launching with cityscape…a visual treat to one’s eyes is also the hot air balloon visit.

Handblock printed with love and definitely one of a kind. 




Head Scarves/ Bandanas


3 different ways to wear a scarf.

In the above image, from the left you can see a European knot, a single loop style and finally a normal layover (which is a chic for all occasions).

Ways to wear a Scarf


The beauty of scarves is that you can wear them in any way you imagine. The important part is to play with it to make it as a part of your skin. Lastly, the right styles for the right occasion.

Often we hear people say, “This scarf is beautiful! But I don’t know how to wear it!”. The fact is that you are not alone in this issue, however if you feel comfortable, you will readily realise this. From a normal shawl to a complicated sailor knot you can always work towards the right style during the right time.


A Quick wrap does the trick as well!


Persian Peranakan Weaves, imbibed with a luxurious touch.


Dresses from innovative designs using different materials as seen on the right.

With a variation of blocked printed cotton to handwoven linen to Persian Peranakan dresses and long wide pants with crop tops to match.


La Tierra presents Diversity